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HPA Jig King Bag

$ 115.00


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This very infamous hPa Jig King Bag is a great design that allows the option of adding to it as your tackle collection grows. The Jig King bag comes standard with 2 Jig Cards and additional Jig Cards can be purchased as you need them at very reasonable prices. The standard Jig King Bag comes with 1 of each style Jig Card, to allow for a wider variety of jigs that can be stored in it and a few compartments for storing terminal tackle. The Jig Cards are removable and you can fit as many as 6 into the Jig King at one time! The cards allow for easy organising. You can place your jigs in each card by size, style, colour or whatever it is that you want to achieve. The Jig Cards also make it easy to see which card is which with their clear covers that allow you to see what is in the card without opening up the card. The Jig King Bag is made with some heavy duty stitching and holds up very well to wear and tear.

This Jig King Bag can be used for just about any type of jig. If you use split rings to connect your jigs and you keep your hooks on the rings, rather than the jigs, this bag is a must have! This bag offers a fast option to selecting a jig when the bite is on. No opening of plastic boxes, the jigs stay in great shape as they are NOT touching each other and chipping paint from traveling and the cards allow for fast easy drying because of the materials used. A must have for any serious jig fisherman!

hPa has been making commercial and recreational fishing products for decades.

1 review for HPA Jig King Bag

  1. Robert

    The best full jig storage bag going around. I can store all my jigs in the separate cards as well as I put a little tackle box full of splits rings and assist rigs.

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