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Hots Y2 Jig – 100g

$ 13.54


The Y2 jig is a wing type jig and is in between a slow pitch jig as well as fast and short pitch knife jig. This Y2 jig has become very famous around the world because it is like no other jigs on the market due to its unique action in the water. It is suitable for any level of jigging anglers and very easy to control.

This jig is designed to rocket down to the strike zone on free spool as quick as possible. Once you start to work the jig, it will give a very nice side to side fall action with a slow flap to create an amazing flash and shine within the water.

This jig will basically move as you wish, if you work them fast it will move fast, if work it with long fall or slow jerk it will work just like slow pitch jigs.

This jig would be suitable for all species from high speed pelagic fish like Tuna, Kingfish, Trevally etc right through to bottom dwelling reef species like Red Emperor, Snapper, Fingermark.


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