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Hots Drift Tune Jig – 100g

$ 25.95


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The 2nd model of KEITAN JIG series is “DRIFT TUNE” designed by Mr. Kei Hiramatsu.

The Keitan Jig series are developed to respond to “Fake Jerk” action which is established by Mr. Kei Hiramatsu. DRIFT TUNE is focused on cutting water, and the jig makes sharp sideways movement and enables drifting in the water for a long time.

When the activity of the target fish is low, it promotes the target’s biting with slow fake jerk action at the bottom.
DRIFT TUNE is effective not only for King fish but also for Tuna, Trevally and Amberjack. It is very easy to handle the metal jig with the bait tackle, not only with the spinning.

DRIFT TUNE is ultra slim flat and wide shape to respond to “Slow Fake Jerk” action. The body with centre weight balance allows the jig to appeal bite timing intensely for a long time after jerking.

NOTE: THE PINK COLOUR DOES NOT HAVE ANY BLUE on the jig (the blue is just a reflection). The colour is pink & silver only.


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