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Hots Debutan Jig – 150g

$ 22.77


The 3rd model of the KEITAN JIG series is called the “DEBUTAN JIG”. This jig was developed to create more time for the jig to stay flat on the side because it was worked out that certain fish species love to hit the jig when it is almost stationary on its horizontal flat side and slowly falling. This jig allows the angler to stop the jerk action of the rod so that the jig will go side ways and stay flat with no flap or cradle movement like the other jigs.

This creates a longer window period for the fish to hit the jig while fishing. The jig has weight to the front and also to the back of the jig which balances it out and allow the jig to go fast onto its side without much movement.

Great for species like Dog Tooth Tuna, Yellow Tail Kingfish, Amberjack, Trevally and many more.


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