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Hammerhead E Cup Popper – 145g

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The Hammerhead E Cup Floating SUS is known as one of the best handmade Japanese poppers on the market. It features the SUS system which consists of a strong stainless steel weight and wire system throughout the body of the lure. It also features a hard coating finish and is the most popular in the entire Hammerhead range. Hammerhead are considered one of the best lure manufacturers in all of Japan and the E Cup is one of the favoured GT Popper of celebrity angler, Kozo Okubo of Smith and South Times. It makes a massive bloop, casts extremely well and has rock solid internals that wont let you down on that GT of a lifetime! Great colours, lifelike finish and a unique bloop that will call up the biggest fish from those deep reef edges. A must have for international trips to Southern Musandam, New Caledonia and Fiji.

2 reviews for Hammerhead E Cup Popper – 145g

  1. Unknown

    Outstanding popper. The fusilier colour finish has to be seen to be believed, outstanding quality from the paint and finish, the wiring and belly swivel are very sturdy.

  2. Unknown

    Typical Hammerhead quality. If you have never used Hammerhead before, this is a great popper as it is not crazy heavy but is able to make a commotion and moves a lot of water. Depending on your popper rod you may need to adjust your retrieve style to get the best out of it. Saltiga 6500H and Carpenter 80MH, the retrieve that worked best was from the waist, in the gimble style popping.

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