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GT Ice Cream Flat Face – sizes from 1.5 oz – 5 oz

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The GT Ice Cream Surface Plug has been developed in South Africa with the original white models made from teflon. They are a very unique lure with top quality fittings to ensure maximum strength and better hook up rates. Don’t let their basic design and finish fool you, these surface plugs are truly dynamite on such species like GT, Tuna, Kingfish and just about all predatory reef species.

They have been specifically weighted for distance casting and if allowed to sink, they can pull fish up from very deep. They are made with super strong, straight through stainless steel wire and they will not chip or crack; even when thrown against rocks. These lures have proven themselves, especially in Australia.

These are a very simple lure to use, just a nice steady retrieve with the lure skipping fast across the surface will tempt any predatory fish into a spectacular, aggressive attack; which can excite the angler like nothing else. It has been proven that the best hook rigging is with an assist hook hanging from the tail end. It may look questionable, but it has been proven that this is the best method of rigging with an extremely high hook up rate. Because of the shape, weight and design of these lures, they cast like a bullet and are great to use in extremely windy conditions. These GT Ice Cream lures are an absolute must have for all anglers.

Flat Face

The Flat face is a shorter heavier for its size/length lure than the needle nose and needle nose skinny and has been designed to be used when conditions are choppy/rough and it is considerably windy. Because of their profile they can be easily used in these conditions especially when the wind is coming in from all directions. The shortened nose profile holds well in lumpy water while still providing a great skittering action along the top.

* Super Strong, Straight-through wire.
* Will not chip or crack.
* Resilient to rock damage.
* Unlike wood, fish teeth slide off ensuring better hook sets.
* Specifically weighted for distance casting.
* Sinks, allowing fish to be pulled up from deep water.
* Top quality fittings ensure maximum strength.

2 reviews for GT Ice Cream Flat Face – sizes from 1.5 oz – 5 oz

  1. Marty

    GT’s love em. These may not look like much but 2 GT’s in an arvo session speaks for itself. Great to use if you are a bit worn out from popping.

  2. Joel Grace

    Great casting lure. Richard insisted I take a couple to PNG, I needed a long cast on 50lb gear and this was amazing to cast, no wind knots as this bad boy dragged the line behind it, the Skipper was reluctant to get in close due to swell, a solid Rainbow Runner first up, a Spanish stole the hook so i re hooked with steel. A GT, a Big Eye Trevelley and a couple of Barracuda later I was impressed with this cost effective lure. I now have 3 ready to go!!

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