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FCL Labo CS Jig – 80g

$ 17.69


These awesome Japanese micro jigs really are a great versatile metal jig and are of the highest quality that have been designed by Mr Tsurusaki Yoshitaka to rise and fall in a very erratic irresistible way. A lot of time and effort went into developing these superbly finished jigs. They feature an amazing 3D holographic finish, an extra large pearl lacquered eye and have been tried and tested on many great species around the world. If you are into using light jigs, then these are a must. Great for any reef and pelagic species.

Founder and CEO of FCL Labo Mr Tsurusaki Yoshitaka quoted the below during an interview:

“What are the key factors when designing FCL Labo’s jigs?
The number one factor is what I’d like to call ‘jerk feel’ – you have to feel it working through your actions. A jig is more than a jerking tool. It has to combine two factors – the pull and the fall. What I am saying is that the fall is just as important as the jerk, and to me ‘fall speed’ is very crucial when we are testing a new jig. Essentially, a jig has to work on the way up and down, and in between jerks where ‘hang time’ is a critical chance for a fish to pounce. Personally I feel that action is definitely more important than the finishing of a jig, though in some areas like very deep water, glow properties will enhance the jig’s ability to catch fish.

Light jigging & micro jigging has become very popular in recent years especially in Southeast Asia. Does FCL Labo have a range of lures to target the light coastal and shore jigging market?

Yes, in fact we have existing jigs and lures targeted at this market. Jigs such as the CS 35gm, 45gm and SL 60gm have been accounting for many catches around the Southeast Asia region. Light tackle fishing has always been close to my heart and I am a big fan. Through the years we have developed jigs like the SL and CS down to even 8gm but we are not stopping there just yet. Fishing is all about the fun factor and light tackle fishing brings out all the more for the angler. Our philosophy has always been to create new ideas for a greater joy in this sport”.


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